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Last updated March 01, 2022


Hands And Paws Photography Limited are legally obligated to provide you with a full service to their Booking-to-Photobook Guarantee once this document has been filled to completion and signed by both parties. Incase of a cancellation our policy is as follows:

  • Every cancellation with at least 3 weeks notice will have priority for a rebooking during a more suitable time slot; if this option is not suitable for the Client a full refund will be issued within 24 hours.

  • If a cancellation is made between 3 Weeks and 48 Hours of the selected time a 50% refund will be issued unless services are rebooked.

  • Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the selected time will not be refunded unless authorised at the discretion of Hands And Paws Photography Limited, 48 hour cancellations caused by emergencies will be issued a 50% refund or priority booking for next suitable time.

  • Cancellations done by Hands And Paws Photography Limited are fully refunded and offered priority booking, in the rare event this occurs notice will be given at least 4 weeks in advance unless, not limited to: Family or Personal (Medical) Emergency, weather restricting travel to location or Lawful service required


Our digital images are supplied to the client in the form of a Secure online image library, known and marked as an eAlbum. Details for this are provided to the client through a secure email that is immediately deleted off our servers when successfully delivered. If a security issue arises the eAlbums will automatically be taken offline and placed under a secure IP and Web address only accessible by the Company Director and Website Administrator, these will then be left offline until the issue has been resolved and safe for a minimum of 72 hours.


All commercial/Private Sector and Public Event images will receive an image release waiver via email or post, giving full image rights to the Named company and/or individual. Once full rights have been granted images documented on the waiver can be used for Commercial/Advertising purposes, the images may also be distributed around other persons except third parties.

Breaches of the waiver include but not limited to; Sale of Images to third parties, Sale of Images for profit/financial gain, use of images in competitions (unless authorised) and attempts to take ownership of images.


Digital images are kept on our servers for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 6 years except printed images so they can be replaced if required. This is in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, by signing below you authorise Hands And Paws Photography Limited to use these images for Commercial/Advertising/Social Media Purposes. If you would like to retract this permission please email

Printed images are provided by our Professional Supplier C41s Imaging who are based at Waters Business Park, Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port CH65 4FF. Images sent to them  are protected by The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, these are transferred to them digitally and once printed are deleted off their systems. No client personal details are passed to C41s Imaging and are shipped to the Hands And Paws Photography Limited Headquarters where the prints are quality checked, packaged and shipped to you (The Client). Our Packaging is eco-friendly and a FreePost stamp is sent so the packaging can be recycled with our supplier.


Any prints have a lifetime Warranty, if any are damaged they can be returned to Hands And Paws Photography Limited and a replacement will be ordered for absolutely no cost, This is part of our Booking-to-Photobook Guarantee. Please email and will send you a FreePost stamp to return the print.


Supporting Charities and Appeals With Your Booking
In support of those affected by the Ukraine conflict 15% of this booking will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee, If you have chosen to donate additional support Hands And Paws Photography Limited will be matching that donation rounded up to the next full Pound. Let’s all Stand Strong with Ukraine during this devastating time.